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About November 13, 2011

The glorious Quran has been sent for the guidance of entire human race till the Last Day.It is the first and foremost responsibility of every Muslim to spread the message of the Oneness of Allah,teaching how to live the life according to Islam and spreading its message to others.
This feeling and responsibility used to strike my heart and awake my desire to spread the teachings of the Holy Book to all those people who do not know.
My only purpose of being on here is to share my knowledge and religious information with my sisters and brothers in Islam and also to gain knowledge , I am not here to share about my personal life.To teach other for the sake of Allah, its means everything to me.It always make me proud and put smile on my face.I believe on Allah and want to do anything /deed for Allah .This life of mine is only for Allah pleasure.May I sacrifice more lives for Allah .Only for my Beloved Allah.Neither wealth nor life,I only desire Allah’s Love.I solated from the path of world’s love,I only desire Paradise.


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